"Water Lady" workshop was held in Dilam
"Water Lady" workshop was held in Dilam
According to the public relations report of Bushehr Water and Sewerage Company, the Director of Water and Sewerage Affairs of Dilam city stated in this training workshop: Women have an undeniable role in the management of water consumption due to their key role in the family, and this role should be well considered.

He stated: Also, by doing a significant part of housework and raising children, women can institutionalize the optimal consumption of water for family members.

Shuli continued: Optimum water consumption does not mean limiting consumption, but the purpose of this is only to manage consumption and prevent water wastage.

He stated: consecutive droughts have reduced the country's water resources to a significant extent, and under such conditions, it has become necessary to conserve water consumption more than ever.

Shuli added: In this field, there are women who can spread this importance to other family members by using various solutions of water consumption.

He stated: In Bushehr province, water supply with desalination plants has been put on the agenda as a strategic issue, which is a step towards greater self-sufficiency in Bushehr province in drinking water supply.

He said: Avoiding the consumption of drinking water to wash the yard, car, and green spaces, as well as installing floats on water storage tanks in order to prevent water wastage while filling the tanks, are among the solutions that should be given serious attention.
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