Article 1 of the Law of 1991/01/01 approved water and wastewater companies, water and wastewater company in Bushehr province, 1992/04/01, registration number 849 was formed.
Theme and purpose is to make urban water distribution installations and facilities associated with the collection, transmission and wastewater treatment facilities as well as the operation of municipal water and wastewater facilities in the area is in the province.
The main center of the city of Bushehr and the service area is the area of law in the province. 
Capital of twenty million rials (20/000/000) Rails is divided into one hundred shares in the name of the tender and its contribution to water and wastewater engineering 45 companies, 49 shares of Bushehr province on behalf of municipalities and 6 its contribution to the investment company Satkap belongs. 
 Under Article 8 of the Statute of the Company has the following elements:
A) General Assembly
B) Board
C) Director
D) Inspection

Address:Head of Ali Delvari Avenue, Bushehr
Postal Code: 7514619139 Box: 3681
Phone: 24-33326322 - 33330298
Fax: 33327004-33328932 
All Rights of Bushehr Water and Wastewater Co are reserved.
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