Message from Engineer Hamzehpour, CEO of Bushehr Water and Sewerage Company on the occasion of World Water Day
Message from Engineer Hamzehpour, CEO of Bushehr Water and Sewerage Company on the occasion of World Water Day
Message from Engineer Hamzehpour, CEO of Bushehr Water and Sewerage Company on the occasion of World Water Day
March has been designated by the United Nations as World Water Day, which coincides with April 2, 1400. Every year a slogan is set by the United Nations Water Department for this day. This year, World Water Day has been named "Water Value", which shows special attention to the vital role of water and the value of water in the culture of communities.
The naming of a day as World Water Day is a reminder that water is one of the most important ways for countries to develop and move towards civilization and public welfare. If a country wants to move in the direction of civilization and scientific development, it has to make the necessary use of its natural resources, which is why it is said to be one of the most important and vital resources in the daily lives of people and countries and the continuation of production. It is wonderful, it is the optimal use of water resources and the issue of water is one of the public issues that all the people of the world and at all times is a strategic and important issue that all human beings are obliged to strive to preserve and maintain.
Increasing population growth and water consumption, uncontrolled deforestation and change of nature ecosystem, growth of urban development and increase of water polluting industries, inappropriate and unprincipled agricultural methods and creation of artificial lakes are all factors in destroying the regular water cycle in the world. They are a serious threat to human society.
Meanwhile, our beloved country Iran is one of the low-water and dry countries, and has limited water resources. The volume of precipitation relative to the Earth's landmass per square kilometer is 830,000 cubic meters, while this amount is only 250,000 cubic meters compared to the land area of ​​Iran. On the other hand, not all water in Iran can be used and a high percentage of it is saline water, which is increasing day by day. And with all of this in mind, the importance of saving water becomes even more urgent. And the need to try to maintain the quantity and quality of water and to be able to take thoughtful measures and make the necessary changes in lifestyle, and especially the attitude to the issue of water, to prevent the adverse effects of climate change and act responsibly.
In addition, the issue that has focused more on the role of water in recent years is hygiene and prevention of coronary heart disease, which has become a global crisis and the vital role of water in all areas, especially in the field of health has become more visible.
I congratulate the World Water Day to all those involved in the water sector of the country and my hard-working colleagues who have the serious task of providing and protecting water resources, and I ask all the honorable and intelligent people of Bushehr province to be aware of the importance and The infinite value of this unique material, along with the country's water industry, to strive to improve public culture and the proper use of water resources and protect these vital resources, and I hope that by cooperating with each other and promoting our social responsibility for water resources, we can move in The path of creating a culture for the optimal use of water, protection of water resources and the sustainability of development programs, fulfill our duty and religion for the present and future generations.
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